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Premium Outdoor Flooring Solutions for Commercial Properties: Common Areas, Patios & Terraces

Installing outdoor flooring in commercial spaces needs specialized considerations. The flooring product has to stand up to heavy wear and tear, a wide range of temperatures and weather, have high load-bearing capability and safety features, while still offering style, design and comfort.

Installation of the chosen materials is equally important. You need a company with experience, a highly-skilled team, and the right equipment to get a commercial-sized job done right. Beginning with helping you choose the right flooring, to industry leading installation and service, we have the solutions for your commercial outdoor flooring project.

Porcelain Pavers and Planks — The Ultimate Choice

In high-traffic commercial spaces, there are two primary considerations for choosing suitable flooring materials for common areas and rooftop terraces: aesthetics and the safety and security of the finished project.

Building and renovation products are being more closely examined, planned and budgeted for long-term durability, low maintenance and possible replacement costs. With each new product emerging, it can be challenging to find the right choice for your commercial-sized project.

Structural porcelain pavers are a one-time investment for your commercial property needs. Backed by a significant warranty, the vast array of colours and finishes, coupled with the strength, durability and low-maintenance characteristics, porcelain pavers or planks are the top choices for commercial outdoor flooring projects.

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Quality and Safety

The high heat and pressure manufacturing process makes them impervious to moisture and weather changes, so they will never crack, split, or warp. Sealed with a porcelain top, these tiles are virtually non-marking, stain-proof, scratch and scuff-proof, as well as non-slip. The finished surface is fireproof and will not freeze, crack or split.

For use in rooftop terraces or decks, where the overall weight is a concern, Porcelain Pavers weigh only 9 lbs per sq ft (44kg/1m squared). Positioning pedestal supports every 24″(61cm), they provide 2000lbs/900kg of load-bearing capacity. When installed correctly, these deck tiles are wind-lift rated to over 180 kph providing additional peace of mind. Equally important is the convenience of routing all electrical, plumbing and irrigation below the deck tiles providing a seamless outdoor experience.

Porcelain pavers come in 2 widths: 20mm (¾” thick) and 30mm (1-⅛”). Consideration of the use of the finished area will determine what size and thickness of tiles are best. When installing tiles on elevated patios or decks with high traffic use, such as rooftop terraces for restaurants, event areas, or retirement communities, the 30mm (1-1/8″ thick) pavers offer significantly more significant impact resistance than 20mm (3/4″ thick) pavers. When tested, the 30mm porcelain did not typically suffer any damage from wine bottles or glasses of beer if dropped directly onto the pavers from a height of up to 6′ (183cm). For maximum safety and impact resistance, a reinforced material is placed under the tiles to prevent damage to the membrane deck and any underlying services.

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Backed by a minimum 10 year warranty, high durability, limitless style, comfort, low maintenance, and fast installation – structural porcelain pavers are the right choice for any commercial outdoor flooring application.

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